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    “los cerrajeros de comas: detienen a criminal gang.

    Cerrajeros Pelile y El Jurado we help you with your problems with locks, doors, cylinders, safes, closures … at any time because we have a 24h service locksmiths Pelile y El Jurado. Our team consists of locksmiths Pelile and El Jurado 24 hours experts.

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    Do not forget that we are 24 hours professional locksmiths Pelile and El Jurado Murcia and in what we do and thanks to this we have a wide variety of locksmith services to offer, among which we can find:

    And a wide variety of services from changing locks, as well as their installation, to key mastering, installation of doors, installation and repair of blinds, garage doors and electrical locksmith, since we are experts Pelile and El Jurado locksmiths in this area thanks to both locksmith Pelile and El Jurado courses and professional preparation.

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    Tapas with Radio J : Bar El Polígono

    What is the mission of the forensic locksmiths? thieves are getting more and more sophisticated in their work, finding more and more sophisticated opening systems. Imagine that when you come back from vacation you find nothing strange on the access door to your home, but when you go to put on something you like, it is nowhere to be found and you can’t find any other valuables either. Then, call a forensic locksmith because sometimes you are robbed even though the lock has not given the thieves away.

    In these cases, insurance usually does not cover the theft, as there is no proof of unwanted entry. This is where a forensic locksmith can help you. They are professionals capable of detecting a non-violent opening by analyzing the lock. In addition to this information, they can determine the exact technique used and whether or not they have managed to open the door, even classifying the experience of the people who have tried to access the home.

    Given the increase in this type of burglary, insurance companies are looking for ways to prevent fraud and provide coverage for customers who have suffered a burglary. Obviously, a superficial visual inspection will not be enough to determine whether or not a door has been tampered with. These professionals analyze all the marks on the different components of the lock.

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    The popular jury trial that has been followed in the Provincial Court against the accused of breaking into his wife’s home on January 2, 2016 concluded yesterday with the prosecutor reaffirmed in its initial conclusions and the defense asking for the acquittal of his client “because he never acted in bad faith.”

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    The prosecution explained to the jury that the Penal Code calls the crime breaking and entering a dwelling and not a home because it intentionally e refers “to the place where a person lives and, in this sense, the Murias house was the dwelling of the defendant’s wife since September 2015.” She insisted that he “entered without her consent” and using a locksmith, after she had asked him not to do it again. In fact, the woman “differentiated two very clear periods”, one in which she allowed him entry and one in which she did not, in a separation that eventually culminated in divorce.

    “If he had lost the keys (as he declared), the logical thing would have been to call his wife, not directly to the locksmith, but he could not do it because she had forbidden him to do so (…) and neither do we find any urgent reasons to enter,” remarked the prosecutor.