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Auto locksmith bronx


    Tuesday’s operation also involved the New York Attorney General’s Office, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Yonkers Police Department and personnel from Emergency Services and Homeland Security Investigations.

    The team obtained four arrest warrants following the investigation, evidence of which included surveillance video, undercover cameras and license plate recognition (LPR) technology that allowed police to track and observe the defendants. In addition, police were able to obtain wiretaps that helped advance the investigation.

    By using a specific discount website, the defendants obtained a key code which they would then give to a locksmith, who would create a key fob. Once inside the car, they used an aftermarket automatic reprogramming device (a scanning tool used by locksmiths and mechanics) that diagnoses error codes and reprograms the car’s ignition.

    By hacking into the car’s system, the gang managed to make the vehicle’s computer think that all the keys had been lost. So they created a new code that linked to the car’s key fob, all of which took only about five minutes.

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    Auto locksmith bronx
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    What happens in Paseo de la Fé, is very similar to what you could see in the New York Bronx, since here we can see how young people paint horrible drawings and doodles on the walls leaving this street ugly. Let them paint their mother’s living room and see what she thinks. Also on Fridays and Saturdays at night they tend to ‘botellon’ on the first floor or stairs that are in this street, mounting some scandals of ordago. Also when they leave, apart from leaving everything very dirty, they smash the bottles so that some neighbor gets cut. And to have an even better time, it is not enough to be drunk, in this street there are several abandoned cars that are dedicated to destroy. Recently the municipal tow truck took one that was smashed by these young people.

    Auto locksmith bronx

    NEW YORK- Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman and New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly today announced the arrest of 14 individuals who operated a sophisticated international luxury car theft ring that stole dozens of vehicles valued at more than $1 million in and around New York City.

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    “This criminal enterprise used the streets of New York as a giant showroom to steal vehicles,” said Attorney General Schneiderman. “The partnership between the Attorney General’s Office and the NYPD has led to the dismantling of an international luxury vehicle theft ring that left innocent New Yorkers stranded. We have put a stop to this criminal operation and will bring all of its members to justice.”

    The separate indictment alleges that Franklin Rodriguez and Eddie Ledesma obtained the key codes, which they provided to locksmith Roman Dashevsky, who, in turn, created the keys used to steal the cars that were moved to Chicago by theft team member Joseph Tavares.

    Auto locksmith bronx

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