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    If you want to request the service of a specialist locksmith that offers an emergency service in Castell / Platja d’Aro, this is the right place. We can offer you professional locksmith services, to cover whatever work it is, related to locksmithing. The services that are most often requested are: Opening doors, changing locks and deadbolts, changing door cylinders, opening vehicle doors, fixing shutters or even opening a safe deposit box.

    Thanks to our team of specialized locksmiths we are able to make openings of any type of door, including opening security doors, whether armored or armored or security lock.

    If you want to install a motorized garage door or you are considering putting automatic doors at the entrance of your business, contact us for a customized quote that fits your needs.

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    If you need to hire the services of a specialized locksmith to carry out a job in Castell-Platja d’Aro, you can contact us. Call us for consultations, or if you prefer by whatsapp.

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    A professional locksmith can be called upon when you want to replace the lock on a door, either because the previous one has jammed, or because you want to obtain more security and decide to install an anti-theft lock.

    Depending on your specialization, you may also manufacture and repair cutting and metalworking tools and measuring and inspection instruments, maintain and repair mechanical equipment, fabricate decorative metal parts or take care of the final metal processing in the production unit.

    Certainly, in situations where you have trouble opening various types of locks, regardless of whether it is the lock on the front door, the car door or a drawer.

    However, it is worth knowing that professional locksmiths not only deal with such orders, but can also make interior decorative elements, decorative metal tables and chandeliers, gates, fences, balustrades, and even display carts and pastry or fruit bowls.

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    HERMANOS OLLER are specialists in shutters.  We offer our services of installation, change and repair of shutters. From HERMANOS OLLER we offer the best team of professionals for the installation and repair of blinds at the cheapest price 24 hours a day.

    Oller Brothers are specialists in boilers and heaters.  We offer our services of installation, replacement and repair of boilers and heaters, if you need a specialist in boilers and heaters do not hesitate to call us.

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