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    Thefts with the bumping technique? Avoid them with

    Have you lost your keys, can’t open your car or the door of your house, someone has made the grace of jamming the lock, do you need advice? Well, if all this happens to you in the town of Ames, you’re in luck!

    We put at your disposal our team of emergency locksmiths to solve all the incidents you have: open doors in Ames, open cars in Ames, install security locks in Ames, change cylinders in Ames, open safes in Ames, change locks in Ames, open “unbroken” doors in Ames, etc.

    At locksmiths in Ames, we’ll be happy to recommend you the best and, if you wish, a locksmith near you in Ames will come to your home or business to get to work. It’s that simple. It’s that easy.

    Remember: we open doors, open cars, change and repair locks, install security cylinders, perform key and lock mastering, repair and change domestic shutters or grilles of commercial premises… All this always counting on a cheap, fast and efficient locksmith in the town of Ames.

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    If you have ever lost the key or you have left it forgotten with the rush inside the house, you will know the inconvenience that supposes not being able to enter the domicile. If this happens again, you no longer have to worry because Cerrajeros Ames 24 hours is available to solve the problem and you can enter your home as soon as possible because our professionals are specialists and have the best tools.

    In addition to our emergency services, we provide regular services in Ames and surroundings. If you want to make a change of cylinder, lock mastering, installation of security mechanisms or seek advice on the ideal degree of protection for your home, you can consult our services without obligation. We are also specialists in safes and their placement inside the home or company.

    If you have any locksmith problem or have doubts about how to improve the security of your home or business premises, do not hesitate and consult Cerrajeros Ames 24 hours. Our professional locksmiths will attend you without obligation and will solve all your doubts.

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    COMMERCIAL. Manufacturing, commercial and warehousing developments require industrial strength locks and security systems. Locks on fixtures such as dock doors and perimeter doors simply have to be much stronger than the locks you would include on an agency exit or entrance to your home. Our employees are highly skilled and trained to fix, repair and service all business and industrial style doors and systems.ENTER TO WIN!Want to win free service?

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    Only one attempt is allowed per IPJUGARINSTALLATION. At the beginning of a complex, whether industrial, business or private, it is imperative to install new locks on all accesses. Although the operation usually goes smoothly, there are times when a lock refuses to fit in the opening created for it, or a hasp plate needs to be installed so that the entrance pin and the lock pin work perfectly. It is also vital that the locks are set so that they can be modified. Our technicians have the training and tools to do industrial and commercial installations quickly and flawlessly. During preparation, we verify that exterior and interior accesses have locks with the correct security level. We also pay close attention to ensure that accesses with multi-point locking systems work perfectly. High-security areas are carefully checked. Biometric or artificial technology-controlled iron systems are tested under all conditions to ensure that they are fully functional and do not pose a risk to building occupants. Fire exit doors are secured and locked with special attention to detail, as are all professional function and safety installations.

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    Locksmith 24 hours in Ames is the solution you need, for quality, care and price we are the definitive choice for private customers, businesses and communities of owners, we want to be your trusted professional, always close, always at hand.

    Locksmith 24 hours in Ames has an excellent professional team, formed by qualified master locksmiths, always updated in terms of techniques and materials and always ready to put all their ability to each of the challenges that we face. We have no intermediaries, we are serious and reliable and we always meet in time and results.