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Aja locksmith

    How to open a safe deposit box

    silvia gonzalez ( (5 / 5))We locked the motorhome with the keys inside and we were stranded in the parking lot of cabarceno. We called and in half an hour they were there. Although it was difficult, they managed to find a “plan b” to open it without having to force it and we were able to enjoy our vacation day.

    Diego Burgos ( (5 / 5))Excellent service. Fast and effective. My car key was damaged by accidentally wetting it, activating the immobilizer system of my car, which meant being “stranded” in Somo. In 20 minutes they reprogrammed the key and I was able to continue my vacation. Totally recommendable.

    maria gomez setien ( (1 / 5))The bearded man could be nicer, while he attends you he starts talking on the phone and leaves you with the word in your mouth, besides you ask him questions and he answers you with a sarcastic tone as if we were friends, so that you know we are NOT FRIENDS.

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    Storage or technical access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. Without a request, voluntary compliance by your Internet Service Provider, or additional records from a third party, information stored or retrieved solely for this purpose cannot be used to identify you.

    How to open your door if you forget your keys

    The great proliferation of villas, townhouses and, in short, of first floor dwellings where access for a possible assailant is very easy, makes it essential to use security elements that would not be necessary in other types of dwellings.

    Self-locking shutters consist of two types of slats, main and intermediate, which alternate to form a solid but very flexible assembly. If we try to lift the shutter from below, an accordion effect is produced, causing each of the slats to push against the guides. Thus, the more we push, the more the shutter will be blocked.

    How to install an Arregui SOCKET camouflaged safe

    01 UEM ERRDUR EMUTIR SERIE 5134: With one locking point. ERRDUR ON KNOB SERIES 50P: with latch bolt and latch bolt unified and reversible. 26 1 33 88 140 60 Incorporates latch bolt.

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    SLIDING LOCKS FOR SLIDING LEVER BETWEEN SHAFTS 85 europrofile cylinder short cam 54 Series 1984 54 SLIDING LEVER BETWEEN SHAFTS 85 europrofile cylinder long cam 56 Series 1995 56 HOOK LEVER

    LOCKS FOR WOODEN CARPENTRY Security locks with bolt lever 106 Series 4000 106 Multipoint security lock with bolt lever 107 Series 4100 107 Locks

    WOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWOODWORKS Security locks with bolt lever 94 Series 4000 94 Multipoint security lock with bolt lever 95 Series 4100 95 Lever locks

    INDIE EZURR 3.9. EZURR PAGES. 97 0 3.9. CYLINDERS PG.00 03 3.9.2 ERRDURS PG.04 08 3.9.3 ESORIOS PG.09 0 3. ERRJERÍ 3.9. OMONOLO cylinders OMONOLO monoblock cylinder 3.9. OMONOLO centering cylinders OMONOLO

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    Cerrajeros Torrelavega advises that if you need any locksmith service we are experts in: locks, doors, safes, cylinders, knobs, handles, blinds, we are economic and we attend you immediately, we solve your problem whatever your requirement is, whatever you need, you can count on Cerrajeros 24 horas Torrelavega.

    We are just a phone call away, contact us and we will get to where you need it, in Cerrajero 24 horas Torrelavega, a locksmith will help you with locks, doors, cylinders, blinds and much more.

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    We offer you a wide range of services, for whatever you need we are there ready to help you and get you out of trouble. We do all kinds of jobs, as well as safes, locks and much more, without you having to worry about paying a fortune.

    The security of your home and your family is essential, so when hiring a locksmith in Torrelavega it is very important that you follow several recommendations so that the work is not only of quality, but is fully guaranteed in the future.