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Access locksmith service

    Local Multiservice

    We are recognized as one of the most reliable companies in the field, which has led us to form strategic alliances with the municipality of Las Condes and Lo Barnechea to support and protect people affected by crime within their communities. We have a team of highly qualified professionals to meet the needs of our customers.

    Just like house or apartment keys, copies of car keys can be made without problems. In Top Service we have the machines and technology necessary to make this type of key copies, so contact us now!

    The value of the key copy depends mainly on the lock. There are many types of locks and for the same reason, it is not possible to give you an estimated value until you first check the lock in depth and see what will be the best way to make the copy or creation of keys.

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    Copies of keys at home

    Large companies with a large number of workers need to have a high security system, such as access control, since not all users can access the same facilities.

    Also, you may be susceptible to this system if there are access limitations among the employees that form the company or visitors. And, if the characteristics of the company force it to have a high level of security within its organization. For example, pharmaceutical companies. Or, for example, in summer, many swimming pools or sports centers are equipped with access control devices.


    Installation of Access Control LocksIn A&B Cerrajeros we are specialists in security systems. With access control you can monitor who enters your premises, regardless of whether it is work, warehouses, garages, communities of owners, Hotels, etc..

    Contact usAutomatic Gates and Vehicle ControlVehicular Control Systems, where you can complement automatic barriers, CCTV for license plate reading, entry controlled by monitored system and access discrimination by magnetic cards or proximity.

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    Automated Pedestrian GatesPedestrian control by means of automated gates or the implementation of biometric or proximity reading systems, ensuring that people enter non-permitted areas and avoiding losses due to theft.

    Access Control InstallationOur scope of work also includes all types of car openings in Madrid. We do not resist any brand or type of vehicle. We also act when requested to open a lock by court order.

    Locksmith service

    Opening of all type of cars, Programming of keys with chip for all type of cars, Codification of controls, house and padlocks, change of key for all type of locks of high security, electric plates, electro magnets, hydraulic arms, we elaborate all type of keys for cars, house, motorcycle, openings of safes and change of combination.

    Professional service of change of security guards, for the effective installation of any type of security system, with trained technicians for the effective delivery and repair of all types of security guards.

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    Professional service of opening and change of keys of safes, professional staff that gives you peace of mind and welfare for the effective opening or change of keys of all types of safes.

    Call us and we will be there fast to help you! We have specialized personnel for any type of locksmith work, duplicate keys, opening doors, vehicles, safes, plates.