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24 hour locksmith car keys

    Car key copy with remote control

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    Car keys, being a fundamental part of a security system, are objects made to last and stand the test of time. They are made of resistant materials and usually have a very solid construction. It is precisely this characteristic that people can use them as a tool to perform other tasks: from tightening nuts, opening lids, removing bottle caps, to writing on wood and other surfaces.

    The ignition system is responsible for starting the car. It produces an explosion by mixing air and gasoline, which will start the engine that will allow the vehicle to move. It is essential, because if it does not work properly there is no way the car can move. When the key is turned in the ignition, the spark plugs will produce a spark that will start the explosion in the cylinder. There are different parts involved in this process, so it is not always easy to know what is wrong when the ignition is not working properly.

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    How to make a car key without the original one

    We make, program and clone transponder chip keys. Unlocking, key making, sale and repair of locks and ignition switches. Sale and repair of remote controls of all brands. Programming of keys and remote controls. Combination changes, both electronic and mechanical.

    Key making in case of loss, repair of automotive plates, we have computer programs and scanners for making keys with CHIP. Installation of security doors Bogota Colombia, Doors Installation Bogota, Change and installation of locks. Change of Guards Bogota Colombia, Locksmith Home Installation, Locksmith installations Bogota Colombia, Installation of locks for companies. Locksmith at home Bogotá.

    Change car key

    Specialists in copying car keys in record time.distributors of all types of car keys with chip, locks, anti-theft and vehicle controls.the professional solution you need in less than 24 hours 93 245 94 58 93 245 75 01 601 12 19 00

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    Remove car key

    If you need a duplicate of your lost key and you have saved your copy, don’t worry. With that copy, making a duplicate is not difficult. And if you contact the right locksmith, what seemed like the end of the world will become a simple anecdote.

    Yes, we said locksmith and not dealer. Although at first it may seem like the best way to go, in reality it is neither the fastest nor the most cost-effective. What are the advantages? They will provide you with a key exactly like the one you have lost. Although… at what price?

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    Renault, Mercedes… No matter what the make of your car is, at Jarauta we can solve your situation. Professionalism, experience, quality and speed always at your service. We make key copies of virtually all models of cars on the market.

    Call us at 608 03 72 03 or contact us through our website if you want more information, have questions, or require an urgent repair of any kind. We are also specialized in opening all types of locks, doors… And if we return to the automotive industry, we also have a long experience with car or garage door handles (whether commercial premises, homes, businesses…).